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Lucky Star 2015 (2015)


56,080 views 4 years ago A super fan of Stephen Chow and an expert at mimicking his idol, Wen Chao left his village for Hong Kong in search of his dream to get a signature from the celebrity. There, he met Cho Lam, an agent for celebrities-wannabes, and his sister Cho Hung, the chairman of Stephen Chow's Fans Club. Unfortunately, Cho Hung detests anyone mimicking her idol Stephen Chow and constantly beats Wen up for doing so. In spite of this, their love for each other grew between their bickering and battering.

The Left Ear (2015)


83,550 views 4 years ago Simple beautiful Li Er (Turin Chen ornaments) left ear deaf, can not hear, however, physical defects and did not make her feel inferior, on the contrary, her meek ??and gentle personality. A chance, the Lee Joel met a man named bar friends (Masi pure decoration) girl, now it s the opposite personality and Lee Joel, her unrestrained, rebellious, longing for the freedom of life. In the bar it s body, Lee Joel saw his dedication in the heart of the rebellious side.Lee Joel did not think that it it actually has a crush on the boys and their own promises Ge (Yang Yang ornaments) come together, which makes Lee Yi began to understand the cruelty of youth. However, within the heart of it it s actual...